Wheedles day 2: 26 March, 2022


The distance between a plot and a plait
is shorter than Trump’s despot to depot.

Clare Best
* Dirk Bogarde in Venice dancing with death, ends with his final trip to the dye depot.
Nancy Somerville


still composing poems
the footsore old loper
enters the depot

Donald Spy
Did we know the score? Believers when we voted. Dead letter depot!

Mike Farren

* you ordered a heart a text said 'paid by debit, lost in the depot'
Alison Dunne
* Sky the shade of slate. Cy-, magent-, yell-, each toner stuck in the depot.

Mark Totterdell
* hides deep in a crate, fellow travellers, pious, mass at the depot
Richard Skinner
* The chair of the board is a first class idiot fit for the depot
Jo Gilbert
* now all is quiet – time to grab that little feast stored in the depot
Duncan Gillies MacLaurin
* Early stills give frost, draw dragon breaths; the Comet staff by their depot.
Beth McDonough
* Winter I bid adieu All creatures bright, not dopey Daffs galore, filling the depot
* Life’s too audio; settled down with a doner from Kebab Depot.
Andy Jackson
Wool hauled by a mouse — with which he plans to endow the old bus depot.
Stephen Payne
* <Debris re-imagined, a haiku for Ronnie Lane>
Daddy got his raise. And the family all coped. Peace at the depot.
Carl Tomlinson
* Child offers, eyes moist, hand holds out big penny groat, seeks route to depot.
Claire Urquhart


A blind child cries, without a guide,
bombs sucking breath, raining death.
No amateur sabateur can defer, deter
the blast, the echo, from death’s depot.

Brenda Conn
* Applaud the Cambridge crew who say ʻadieu, adieuʼ, their oars shiver an edge, a hand, a wedge ahead, the river breadth narrows, the depth a bath, but ʻrow! row!ʼ to home past the freight depot.
Elisabeth Sennitt Clough
* With much at stake I took a break, my clothes once cloven now rewoven. God knows, my darling, who chose those. They came from Aleppo’s seediest depot.
Nell Nelson
* Think aloud and do us proud. Don’t hide in tropes. We are no dopes. Truth-hungry cousins crave their daily dozen. While silence aids the despot, rhetoric’s an arms depot.
Jayne Stanton
* The bloke in the boatyard thinks I’m barely capable. See him stare as I fumble the pin into the hole in the gunwhale, the oar onto the thole. He wants to introduce me to the past tense of boat. It’s boated; noted, and now I know you park it on a yard, a hard, a dock, a slip, NOT a depot.
Hilary Menos
* For heaven’s sake – give me a break! Christina Rossetti would not be so petty. I am intrepid, it’s you who are tepid. Sod off, allegretto, to the diffidents’ depot.
Ann Drysdale
* Met some dates at the pearly gates Cause of death? Lack of breath. Heavily in debit,followed Mr Tebbitt Would aye give my last Rolo for freedom from this depot.
Debbie J. Jones
* Dream softly, she said, for you dream on my tread, while there is breath, no dominion has death. Life is just a habit but death is not a debit, try a little Oulipo before that terminal depot.
Eddie Gibbons


So stupid to stupidly stare,
feeling frit in the fetid
air — we aimed for wedgy,
stubbled, quibbling, cool; our debut
dance dainty toward the depot

Natalie Shaw
* The rainfall shower’s stirring steam stops me feeling so terse but the bathroom blind’s bendy, the grey grouting’s queasily fetid. Let’s go to Plumb Depot.
Jill Munro


Stir, smile,
add some water.
Can he cook? Pray for theft
of the tastebuds. Serve love’s debut:
Nikki Robson
* Ovate — lay a token of organic ethos in an egg box for the Detox Depot.
Robbie Burton
* All raise glass with elbow! Toast train without venom: Thomas! Now back to (no decoy) depot.
Annie Fisher


Not everyone likes to yodel
or perform with the horde
in an onomatopoeic rodeo.

Some prefer to demob
with afternoon tea in Devon:
clotted cream and jam at the depot.

E. R. Michie