Postal, 12mths (UK ONLY)

For £12.50, a free pamphlet and then 25% off all subsequent orders, plus other benefits — see below.

Here’s what you will get out of a HappenStance subscription:

  • postal newsletters three or four times a year (snail mail);
  • mailshots including flyers with poems for each new publication;
  • Bardcards in the post, with mailshots, as and when...
  • 25% off all HappenStance products 
  • a free PoemCard with every order;
  • enormous appreciation for becoming part of a valued readership;
  • detailed feedback on up to 6 poems of your own sent during reading 'windows' in January and July, provided you include an S.A.E.

Once you’ve subscribed, you will receive automated reminders when your subscription nears its end, as well as a paper reminder in the mailshot when the time is near.

You can also take out an electronic subscription if you prefer. You won’t get any of the postal goodies this way (no free pamphlet or postie bringing you a bundle of flyers and cards and poems) but you will get newsletters and flyers and so on as free downloads, and 25% off purchases of books, pamphlets and cards (which will arrive in the mail).