No Longer Bjored - Martin Parker

No Longer Bjored
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Martin Parker is founder editor of the quarterly light verse webzine, Lighten Up Online. His work has appeared in outlets such as The Sunday Telegraph Magazine, The Spectator, The Oldie and Light (USA), as well as online publications such as Snakeskin, 14 by 14, The Chimaera and The Barefoot Muse. A HappenStance Sampler of his work (2008) gave rise to plans for a set of Po-Lite pamphlets - this publication is the first in that series.

Here we see light verse at its best: witty, wry, wilful and sometimes unexpectedly moving. Parker has a black belt in irony. Prepare to be disarmed.

This one was featured on a popular HappenStance postcard:

Last Request

Burn the coffin
you send me off in

and put my ash
out with the trash

but for better or worse,
keep my verse.

Don't bin it. 
I'm in it.