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The world is a scary place, and not just for children. There are so many things to be afraid of—death, loss, the future of the planet! No wonder deals are struck to make a person feel safe (if only temporarily) from both real and imagined threats.

So prepare to be entertained.

But there is a price. For Annie Fisher, fear is (and isn’t) a laughing matter.

You can find some interesting discussion of the pamphlet on if you click this link.

The Fear

Look, there’s nothing to be scared of. 

If there was something to be scared of 
I’d be scared too, and I’m not. 

So there’s nothing to be scared of.

The only thing to be scared of is being scared. 

So stop being scared. 

If you go around saying you’re scared
you’ll make everyone scared. 

Listen, there are known scary things, 

unknown scary things and scary scary things.

I don’t think about any of them. 

There’s no point being scared of what hasn’t happened. 
It might never happen. In fact, I know it won’t happen 
and that’s why I’m not scared. 

It won’t happen because I’ve said it won’t happen. 
If I thought it would happen, of course I’d be scared.

But it won’t.
So I’m not.

Stop talking about it. 
I need you to stop.

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