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This pamphlet of light verse, by HappenStance editor Helena Nelson, is published not by HappenStance Press but by Sheila Wakefield’s Red Squirrel Press, and of course available from Red Squirrel’s own website.

But you might like an author-signed copy with an original (and unique) WrapperRhyme tipped in, in which case you can get one here.

And if you'd like to participate in the International WrapperRhyme Challenge, launched on the HappenStance blog, this pamphlet may provide some inspiration.

But first a health warning:

  • WrapperRhymes are addictive.
  • Read (or write) only in moderation.
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily input.

Sample poem:

Cadbury's Flake

 At ten o'clock
(at coffee break)

I hate a slice
of carrot cake

and then a bar
of coconut bake

and then a marshmallow-
and-chocolate shake

topped with
a crumbly, flaky flake.

It was a mistake
to add the flake

and when I think of it
I quake. 

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