Competition No. 14: Short poems for journeys

Choc-lit Competition WinnerCover of Blame Montezuma which is a full colour painting of the inside of a box of chocs. Delish.

The winner of the last competition, which was to fit the idea of 'choclit', is Lauren Colley with Toblerone (see below). Congratulations Lauren, and thanks to all the rest of you for sending in an entry.


A bad day is a jaw gone slack with sleep,
sallow skin strung bone to bone
like a cow’s hide pulled taut as a tent,
and sorry nurses shaking their sorry heads
(she’d only eat a teaspoon of her yoghurt!)

but a good day is a simpler fact to read –
the bulge of a distinctive equilateral
melting in her toothless cheek. 

New Competition – number 14: Short poems for journeys

Woman looking into the distance from the prow of a boat through a photograph lens, apparently just about to snap the mountains over the water.The new competition invites a poem of no more than 16 lines suitable for reading on the bus or tram or boat or train or even in the car (provided you're not driving). It can be light or heavy. You are the judge of what makes it suitable.

  • Prize: any HappenStance book or pamphlet in print.
  • Form: doesn’t matter so long as it works.
  • Rules: length between 6 and 16 lines.
  • Previous publication: unpublished poems please.
  • Closing date: 31st March, 2017.
  • Entries: not more than two per poet (please send separate entries, not two in one box).
  • Judge: Charlotte Gann, author of NOIR.

Type your entry into the box below.

p.s. if, when typing your poem into said box, you need to use italics, put *asterisks* before and after the word or phrase you want to italicise.) 

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