Competition No. 16: Dream On

Competition 15 Winner: A View of a Bridge

Warm thanks to everyone who entered the competition to write a thank-you poem. A range of material was entered. Some of the poems were full of (and sometimes even oozing with) gratitude. The connection between certain others and the 'thank you' idea was sometimes hard to find. We had funny, we had rude, we had subtle, we had crude. 

Happily, the competition was judged anonymously by former winner, Lauren Colley, who awarded the prize to Margaret Livingston for 'Postcard to a Bridge over the M25' (see below), with special mention for 'Clearing the Way for Me' by Clare E. Potter, 'Giving thankfulness a voice' by Lee Nash, and 'Girdle Ness' by David Tallach.


Postcard to a Bridge on the M25

by Margaret Livingston

Thank you for your asymmetrical curve
the colour of beach huts and speedwell,
of the paint on the gate of the playground
and a long-forgotten dress.
Thank you for drawing your particular arc
so clearly against the sky that for a moment
I'm a child again, in my blue dress,
sliding into an endless afternoon.


New Competition 16: Dream On

The August/September competition invites poems based on dreams: real ones. Of course, we won't know whether it was a real dream or not, but the idea is that it should be. Wait for a really good dream. Then you know what to do with it. Just write it down, or even just part of it. Dreams have a habit of accomplishing poetic quality without your interference. 

If you never ever dream, or never remember your dreams, this is not the competition for you.

If you're a dream diarist, this is your dream of a comp. No, that's not true. If it were a dream competition, there would be a huge prize, and in fact the prize is modest, though the appreciation is huge.

  • Prize: any HappenStance book or pamphlet in print.
  • Form: whatever you like, including prose poems (but not more than 200 words of prose).
  • Rules: if a poem with line breaks, length no more than 18 lines (be careful: having to disqualify your entry is no fun).
  • Previous publication: unpublished poems please.
  • Closing date: 01 October, 2017.
  • Entries: not more than ONE per poet.
  • Judge: to be announced.

Type your entry into the box below.

p.s. if, when typing your poem into said box, you need to use italics, put *asterisks* before and after the word or phrase you want to italicise.) 

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