Competition No. 17: Small and Smaller

Competition 16 Winner: ‘Formication’

Thank you to the poet dreamers who entered this competition, more entries than we have everhad before, with some lovely and most unusual pieces of all sorts. The competition was adjudicated by J.O. Morgan after entries had been anonymised. The winner was Peter Kenny with ‘Formication’ and you can find a copy of that poem, together with some discussion from J.O. Morgan on the blog page.


  • ‘Nightrobe’ by Angi Holden
  • ‘Looking for a spark’ by Sharon Larkin
  • ‘Sequins’ by Hilary Robinson

Of ‘Nightrobe’ and ‘Looking for a Spark’ J.O.Morgan says: ‘I was impressed with how the real world had impacted on the world of the dream. The former allowed the dreamer to revisit something lost in a manner impossible when waking, while the latter drew on a sense of foreboding and the fact that the dreamer’s subconscious is aware of a situation the waking person has been reluctant to admit to.’  

Of Hilary Robinson’s ‘Sequins’: ‘I really liked the fairy-lightness of tone and imagery, but especially the sense of rhythm and flow that runs through the piece, and then how that lightness and joy was so quickly turned around.’

New Competition 17: Small and smaller

The November/December competition invites poems that focus on something very small: a spider, a pin, a speck of dust, a fingernail. You decide.  

  • Prize: any HappenStancebook or pamphlet in print.
  • Form: whatever you like, including prose poems (but not more than 150 words long for prose poems).
  • Rules: if a poem with line breaks, length no more than 18 lines.
  • Previous publication: unpublished poems please.
  • Closing date: 01 January, 2018.
  • Entries: not more than ONE per poet.
  • Judge: a HappenStance poet – to be announced later.

Please type your entry into the box below. If it doesn’t seem to fit, do your best. This small box is all we’ve got for the small poem. It will not accommodate the more bizarre poetic forms and may be seen as a useful constraint for poets who naturally thrive on such challenges.

p.s. if, when typing your poem into said box, you need to use italics, put *asterisks* before and after the word or phrase you want to italicise.) 

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