Isobel Montgomery-CampbellIsobel Montgomery Campbell comes from a family who supported the former British Empire abroad—as Iain Crichton Smith says, ‘Their boots had other suns on them’. She spent her formative years in Kenya, part of her adult life living in France.

Her work experience has been widely varied—as a researcher with Adrian Shine at Loch Morar, as a theatrical costumier, a podiatrist, and as a parent-teacher at a free school. She has four adult children, and currently runs a business with her husband Richard, creating decorative lighting for weddings and parties. They live in Ealing, the most multi-cultural borough of multi-cultural London, where the Empire has come home.

Montgomery Campbell has been writing poetry since the mid-nineties, attending Will Vaughn’s group in Lambs Conduit Street. In 2001, she became involved with Poems in the Waiting Room, when Michael Lee discovered she was the only PitWR poet to possess a waiting room of her own. Since then she has gone on to become a director and editor of that publication.


Isobel Montgomery Campbell: A Sampler, HappenStance, 2010