Diana GittinsDiana Gittins lives in Exeter with her partner, cat and hens. She spent her early years in New England, where, school phobic, she set up and ran an orphanage for cats. She came to Devon when she was 14 and attended Dartington Hall School. She has an MA in Social History, an MA in Writing for Young People and a PhD in Sociology. 

She has worked in a number of countries and institutions as a lecturer, research fellow, consultant, cook, chambermaid, secretary, translator and copy-editor. For many years she ran writing workshops specialising in right-brain techniques, but now spends as much time as possible – family and hens permitting – writing poetry and prose, and playing the flute. 

Her first poetry collection, Dance of the Sheet, was published in 1992 by Odyssey Press. She is a Hawthornden Fellow and was a winner in the Guernsey International Poetry on the Buses competition in 2011. She has published four works of nonfiction, as well as various essays and reviews in academic journals. Recently extracts from her memoir were published in Tears in the Fence and BRAND.


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