Jon StoneJon Stone was born in Derby and now lives in Whitechapel. He is co-creator (with Kirsten Irving) of hand-built pocket literary journal Fuselit and co-founder of Sidekick Books, which publishes collaborative poetry collections.

He has conceived and put together two experimental booklets: Chimerium, which allowed you to mix and match parts of poems by Luke Kennard, Bill Herbert, Roddy Lumsden, Jack Underwood and others, and Telemorphics, in which Hugo Williams, Kathryn Simmonds, Emily Berry and others all 'translated' each other's work. This thread of projects will continue with further collections from Sidekick Books.

His poetry has been anthologised in City State: New London Poetry and Stop Sharpening Your Knives 3, and published in a variety of journals, including The Wolf, Horizon Review and The New Writer.

He has had articles commissioned and published on burlesque poetry, The Mysterious Cities of Gold and Japanese manga.



Scarecrows, HappenStance 2010