Martin ParkerBalding, lugubrious, and the wearer since 1988 of the same pair of oversized and unfashionable bifocal specs, Martin Parker has abandoned his original desire to write ‘proper’ poetry and settled for light verse. However, he's now uncertain whether there's any difference between the two and, if there is, whether it matters.

His work has appeared in a variety of national publications including The Spectator, The Oldie, and the Sunday Telegraph Magazine as well as in webzines such as Snakeskin, The Chimaeraand 14 by 14.

He also runs a monthly Open Mike Poetry Night in Torrington, North Devon and edits the quarterly light verse webzine, Lighten Up Online at

His 2010 HappenStance publication, No Longer Bjored, is the first in the new Po-Lite Series. But not the last.


No Longer Bjored, HappenStance 2010

Martin Parker: A Sampler, HappenStance 2008

Rubbing the Lamp, 2007

Pick ’n’ Mix, 2006












(the latter two are available from




More of his verse can be found at as well as in various online publications.