Marcia MenterMarcia writes poems in fits and starts and would prefer more starts and fewer fits.

She has published poems and reviews in the Scottish/American journal, The Dark Horse, for a number of yearsand is proud to be a regular reviewer for HappenStance’s pamphlet review,  Sphinx. From where she sits, about thirty miles north of Manhattan in White Plains, New York, the Scottish poetry scene looks intimate, lively and welcoming, if rainy.

Her poems can be abstract, though she is trying to break herself of that, but at least they are musical. She spent many years as a writer and editor at women’s magazines in the USA and is the author of a Buddhist-inflected self-help book about spirituality in the workplace, which is even now available cheaply from the remainder vultures on

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Publications by Marcia Menter:

  • The Office Sutras: Exercises for Your Soul at Work, Red Wheel/Weiser (2003)

  • The Longing Machine, HappenStance (2007)