Janet LoverseedJanet grew up in Nottingham but has spent most of her life in Cheshire.  She has an M.A. in English from Liverpool University and has taught in schools and colleges as well as for the W.E.A.

Writing poems has always been important to her, but it wasn't until she retired that magazines started accepting her work. Her pamphlet collection, The Under-Ripe Banana, was published by HappenStance in 2008.

Startled—and delighted—to have won the 2009 first Grey Hen Competition with her poem Portrait of Henrietta Moraes on a Blue Couch 1965, she is looking forward to the publication of the anthology, Cracking On, (www.greyhenpress.com) to which she has contributed.


The Under-Ripe Banana, HappenStance, 2008