Cliff ForshawCliff Forshaw left school at sixteen and worked in an abattoir before studying painting and developing an interest in languages and literature, which he explored sporadically at Warwick, Cambridge and London. He worked in Spain, Mexico, Italy, Germany, New York, and was a freelance writer in London before completing a doctorate on Renaissance Literature at Oxford. Since then he has lived in Snowdonia, Sheffield, and now in Hull, where he teaches at the university.

He has been International Writer-in-Residence at Hobart, Tasmania, winner of the Welsh Academi John Tripp Award, invited writer on the Alviogut Foundation programme in Romania, and twice a Hawthornden Writing Fellow. In summer 2011 he will take part in the Djerassi Resident Artist Programme in California.

He continues to paint, and his work has appeared in exhibitions here and in the US as well as in books and on websites. His first short film Drift was shown at the Humber Mouth Festival, Hull in 2008. He also writes fiction.


  • Tiger, HappenStance, 2011.
  • Wake, Flarestack, 2009.
  • A Ned Kelly Hymnal, A Paper Special Edition, Cherry on the Top Press, 2008.
  • Trans, The Collective Press Wales, 2005.
  • The Dade County Book of the Dead, National Poetry Foundation, 1995.
  • Strange Tongues, Weasel Productions, 1994.
  • Esau’s Children, NPF, 1991.
  • Himalayan Fish, Peacock Books, Orissa, India, 1991.


  • Architexts with David Kennedy, Christopher Reid and David Wheatley, (Humber Mouth Festival, 2007).
  • Drift, book and film, with David Kennedy, Simon Kerr, Christopher Reid, David Wheatley, (Humber Mouth Festival, 2008).