Martin EdwardsqIn 1985, Martin Edwards was first published in Hard Lines 2 (Faber and Faber). This led to an interview on Radio 1 with an audience of millions. Since then the audiences have become smaller. . . .

He was employed abroad for a while, came back, had children and has lived and worked in Dorset for the last twenty odd years. Poems have appeared sporadically in magazines: Stand, The Rialto, London Magazine, Iron, The North and The Red Wheelbarrow, amongst others. Redbeck Press published a pamphlet (Coconut Heart) in 1997 and a story, ‘Oliver’s Army’, inspired by the Elvis Costello song, was included in Portico’s Punk Fiction in 2010. In the same year he was shortlisted for the Bridport Prize.

His poetry was once called “tough, stubborn, intelligent, like knives” by Selima Hill, which is how he’d like it to be.

Rainstorm with Goldfish, HappenStance, 2012
Coconut Heart, Redbeck Press, 1997

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