Jennifer Copley

Jennifer Copley lives in Barrow-in-Furness. She is the author of three full collections and several pamphlets, her most recent being Some Couples from HappenStance

U.A. Fanthorpe has described her work as ‘urgent, visceral, written out of a fierce commitment to truth’ and Carol Rumens finds ‘a Chagall-like, magical-realist quality to Copley’s delicate shape-shifting’.

She herself says ‘I must tell stories. Stories about people (or animals) in improbable situations. I’m interested in how they react and how they resolve (or don’t) the things they face.’

Her poems almost invariably end up somewhere completely unexpected, even to their author 


  • Some Couples, HappenStance, 2017
  • Vinegar & Brown Paper, Like this Press, 2016
  • Mr Trickfeather, Like This Press, 2012
  • Living Daylights, HappenStance Sequence Series 4, 2011
  • Beans in Snow, Smokestack, 2009.
  • Unsafe Monuments, Arrowhead Press, 2006
  • House By The Sea, Arrowhead Press, 2003
  • Ice, Smith Doorstop, 2002