the full colour pic shows the author standing outside, in a dark blue shirt rolled up to the elbows, both hands in the pockets of her dark trousers. Her hair is blonde and blown to one side. Her face is calm and serene, but not smiling. She's looking straight at the viewer. Behind her are the rolling fields and hills of the South Downs, as well as a fence with some trees behind it. Charlotte Gann grew up in Sussex, studied English at UCL and then worked in London. Her first job was proofreader for a typesetters in Clerkenwell; later she was editor of Health Which? in Marylebone.

In her mid-30s she went freelance and moved to Brighton to start a family. She also began to write poetry, and did an MA in Creative Writing and Personal Development at the University of Sussex.

In 2011, her debut pamphlet, The Long Woman, was published by Pighog Press and subsequently shortlisted for the Michael Marks Award.

Her first full collection, Noir, came out from HappenStance in 2016, and her second, The Girl Who Cried, in 2020.

She is editor of Viva Lewes, co-edits (and writes) OPOI reviews for and is on the committee of the Needlewriters collective, which organises quarterly reading events in Lewes.