Photo of the author, shortish blonde hair falling softly round her face, looking down, perhaps reading. Behind her and to her left a large painting of houses with many windows, a street, trees, lines of washing.Charlotte Gann grew up in Sussex, the youngest of five. She studied English at UCL in the 1980s, and lived in London for years: her first job there was proofreader for a typesetters in Clerkenwell; her last, Editor of Health Which? in Marylebone. 

In her mid-30s she became a freelance writer and editor, moved down to the sea in Brighton and had children. She also started writing poetry. She did an MA (in Creative Writing and Personal Development) at the University of Sussex. 

Poems appeared in The Rialto, The North and Magma, and in 2011 a pamphlet, The Long Woman, was published by Pighog Press. This was subsequently shortlisted for the 2012 Michael Marks Award.

As well as poetry, obsessions include film, psychology and the novels of Patrick Hamilton.