Jo Field

Jo Field is proud to claim an extremely tenuous family connection with the first Marquess of Anglesey.

Her own less glorious career includes starting and running a Montessori school, teaching adults with learning difficulties, managing a joke shop, and persuading people to take part in government surveys.

She is one of five original members of WordAid, a Kent-based collective which publishes occasional poetry anthologies to benefit various charities.

The Anglesey Leg, published in the bicentenary year of the Battle of Waterloo, records the fate of a celebrated lower limb, once attached to the Earl of Uxbridge (later first Marquess of Anglesey) and amputated following a cannonball injury. It is quite a tale!


  • The Anglesey Leg, HappenStance 2015
  • The Space Beyond, WordAid (in aid of Dementia, UK), 2011