Saturday 24 August                        19.00-21.00 
Helena Nelson with Douglas Dunn and Auld Alliance (music) at Platform, Ladybank Art House, beside Ladybank Station in Fife. Entry £5.00 at the door. To book a seat, email beth.mcdonough[at]  

Thursday 12 September 2019        18.30-19.00
Sally Festing reading from My Darling Derry in the LibraryWells-next-the-sea, NR23 1EA
Word with Wine, £5.00 entry to the Mental Health Foundation

Tuesday 8 October 2019                19.00 for 19.30
Sally Festing
shares readings with Tessa Foley and Rosie Johnston for Mental Health Awareness week. West Greenwich Louttit Library, SE10 8NN. Entry free.

Tuesday 12 November                   20.00-22.00
Sally Festing
shares the floor with readings from My Darling Derry at Norwich’s National Centre for Writing, Dragon Hall, King Street, Norwich NR1 1QE. Also slots for open mic. Free Entry.

  Freeze frame from teh film of the HappenStance flashmob performing Lear's The Jumblies. You can see Matthew Stewart at the front brandishing a large green sieve with various others standing around grinning, most of them wearing blue surgical gloves. A few diners near the front are chuckling.