Gill McEvoy Sunday 29th April at the Strand Pub, High St, Cheltenham, supported by Belinda Rimmer. 5.00 pm. Tickets £6/5. 

Gill McEvoy at The Poetry Lounge in Ludlow, on 1st May 2018, with open mic.
The Blue Boar, 52 Mill St, Ludlow SY8 1BB

Stephen Payne at Fire River Poets, Taunton on May 3, at the Creative Innovation Centre (CIC) starting at 8 pm. Doors open from 7:30. Entrance Fee £5 For available Open Mic slots, please contact John Stuart ...via



 Photo shows a large crowd of people on comfy chairs in an arts centre intent on listening. That a poet is reading is implied, but it was actually Annie Fisher.