All our events at the moment are held online.

The next workshop is for people who would like to write OPOI reviews (see Sphinx website). 

It will be on Tuesday 11 August at 17.00—18.00 pm. It will involve discussion and examples and will be fully participative. This will all happen via Zoom, with the two editors Charlotte Gann and Helena Nelson, so you need a Zoom account, access to the web, and a poetry pamphlet of your choice. Nothing else.

If you'd like to reserve a place (no charge) please email nell [at] as soon as you can, or use the contact box on this website, which will also work.

To find out what’s after that, please sign up for Notifications and Special Offers on the home page of the website. 

We are planning new things all the time, including some interactive workshops. We have already run three, and there will be more.  So keep an eye out for them. 

A photograph of a handwritten wrapper-rhyme on the back of a packet of vegan straws. You see part of the front of the packet too and a lumocolor pen lying across the bottom. The rhyme reads: Eat 'Real' Veggie Straws / certified gluten-free. / No added sugar /  No added salt. / No honey, treacle, sand or malt./ It's amazing what you HAVEN'T got / Now you've got into ME.