Monday 10 February - Sunday 22 March                  

In Berlin Water, artist Valerie Coffin Price responds to the waterways of Berlin and the poems of Stephanie Green from Berlin Umbrella, Byre Theatre St Andrews, Level 4 gallery. 

Berlin Umbrella
is a poetry and sound walk created by Stephanie Green and Sonja Heyer
, which can also be experienced throughout the StAnza festival weekend (March 7/8). Together, the poetry, artwork and sound walk take us on an imaginative journey down the course of Berlin’s river Spree. 

Stephanie Green (poet) and Sonja Heyer (sound artist)'s Berlin Umbrella, a poetry/sound collaboration listened to inside a special umbrella on a self-directed walk.
FREE but deposit refundable on return of umbrella.

Valerie Coffin Price will be taking part in a Meet the Artist event alongside Stephanie Green and Sonja Heyer at 11:30-12.15 on Saturday 7 March as part of the StAnza poetry festival (see also below).

Tuesday 3 March                    20.00

Will Harris reads at Topping Bookshop, St Andrews. Sign up for notification nearer the time.

Thursday 5 March                  14.15-15.15

Gerry Cambridge and Johan Sandberg McGuinne, a Border Crossings reading at StAnza in Parliament Hall, St Andrews 

Friday 6 March                       15.45-16.30

Helena Nelson and Jenny Elliott: an entertaining overview of the WrapperRhyme experience at StAnza in St Andrews, (free event). Exhibition/installation of rhymes runs right through the festival in the Upstairs Gallery of J & G Innes Bookshop, St Andrews KY16 9QW

Saturday 7 March                  11.30-12.15

Meet the Artist event with Sonja Heyer and Stephanie Green and Sonja Heyer at 11:30-12.15 on Saturday 7 March, Byre Theatre, St Andrews, level 4 gallery.

Saturday 7 March                  11.00

Lydia Kennawaypoetry walk and conversation with Lydia Kennaway and group therapist Jacinta Kent, Roundhay Park, Leeds. Free but necessary to register.


Saturday 7 March                  10.00-11.00

Nancy Campbell with Penny Fielding, unpicking The North, at a poetry breakfast event at StAnza in the studio of the Byre Theatre (and live streamed, so go to the website to work out how to watch it at home)

Saturday 7 March                  14.15-15.15

Nancy Campbell reading with R A Jamieson, a Border Crossings reading at StAnza in St Andrews in the Undercroft.

A photograph of a handwritten wrapper-rhyme on the back of a packet of vegan straws. You see part of the front of the packet too and a lumocolor pen lying across the bottom. The rhyme reads: Eat 'Real' Veggie Straws / certified gluten-free. / No added sugar /  No added salt. / No honey, treacle, sand or malt./ It's amazing what you HAVEN'T got / Now you've got into ME.