This is The Argument!

First The Windmill Proof and now The Wax Argument.

Poetry, via Payne, meets the thought experiment. You don't need to know anything about philosophy. Just listen and enjoy.

The event is on Tuesday, February 15 at 6.30 pm and will last no longer than an hour.

There’ll be a bit of conversation between author and publisher (Stephen and Nell) about some famous thought experiments, as well as poems from the pamphlet read by the author and a couple of friends.

You’ll find out what precisely what ‘the wax argument’ is — if you don’t already know. But even if you do know, you don’t know it like this.

You need to register for the event in advance (and on the evening itself, you need to be logged into your own Zoom account). 

Here’s the link for registering:

VERY much looking forward to your company on zoom!