Do: Avoid text language. Don’t use lower case i unless you can find a very good reason for doing so (except in the middle of words!).

Do: Present your work on crisp, clean paper.

Do: Make sure you know the name of the editor who’s likely to be reading your work. It shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Do: Include a covering letter (word-processed), briefly (don’t list every single published poem) mentioning reputable publications where your work has been published.

Original image by Gillian BeatonDo: Include your name and address somewhere clear but not obtrusive with every poem. Give each poem its own sheet of paper, even if it’s very short.

Do: Check your use of apostrophes. As far as the world goes, it doesn’t really matter whether you, or anyone else makes an error with an apostrophe. But where your poetry is concerned, you need to show you care enough to get it right. Every time.

Do: Tell the publisher if you have won or placed in a competition.

Do: Tell the publisher if you have read and liked, or found interesting, (be truthful though) publications on her list.

Do: Tell the publisher if you play an active role in local poetry groups, writers’ circles, festivals etc

Do: Tell the publisher if another poet on the same list has recommended you submit.