Knowing Grapes - Rosemary Hector

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Rosemary Hector was born in County Down. Her career both as a teacher and, latterly, as an NHSScotland programme manager, has proved a rich source of memory. Tender, funny and sad, here are many voices and characters, all of them precariously human, and absolutely real.

Sorry, this pamphlet is now sold out, but the author has since published another pamphlet with Handsel Press.

Sample poem:


Red-black against the pale blue institutional plate,
the plums sat in a puddle of their own blood.
On Thursdays, always stewed fruit with a flood
of custard, poured from a jug of dented metal.
It was odd how adept I became at the count
of fruits per head, serving in equal measure, could
recognise this fruit was little harmed
by the kitchen process; was, in fact, quite good.
All class three watched as I spooned them out.
The first plate was passed to the senior at the end.
Gonads again, said the small boy to my left.