Picked the magazine up from the printer today. It is bright yellow this time around, with a black flyleaf. Very waspy! And inside, for the first time, the wonderful Savage Chickens are in yellow. This is because now I know I can't afford to keep producing the magazine beyond issue 12, I think I may as well be hung for a sheep as well as a lamb. Or an organic turkey as well as a free-range chicken.


I think it's an interesting issue -- but then I'm biassed. There's an interview with George Simmers entirely in heroic couplets. Well, they started heroic. And they ARE all rhyming couplets. Pope would have been proud of us.

Other interviews are with Jane Commane and Matt Nunn (Nine Arches), Peter Carpenter on Worple and Anthony Delgrado on bluechrome.

Oh, and Joy Howard has a feature about Grey Hen, which is being so very successful with its first anthology -A Twist of Malice. A great book -- such fun to read. And there's Colin Will on where Calder Wood Press is going.

I'm starting the mass post-out tomorrow morning. Spent three hours this morning updating the mailing list and doing the sticky labels. If you've ordered a copy and it hasn't arrived in the next week, let me know.