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Posting and packets

I don't know whether I can fold or post or packet any more things! I think I'm posted out. The subscriber mailshot this week took all last weekend, plus Monday afternoon and evening and Thursday afternoon and evening. I keep filling postboxes!

Meanwhile, my wonderful subscribers - bless their cotton socks -- as soon as they got the mailshots, started ordering things, with the result that I did another 20 packets yesterday morning and by the time I was done, missed the bank.

Lovely feedback comments so far about the new pamphlets, though needless to say have already noted (with pain) two smallish errors. Things are never perfect. I need three assistants. Where are you assistants?

People have liked the PoemCards too - several orders in for those already. Some have asked about my throw-away comment that people could sponsor a poem. Sponsor? How? How much?

The answer is £50.00 (unless there is also a copyright permission charge in which case add that too) and you'd get 25 cards as part of the deal. But it's not simple, because I wouldn't use a poem unless it fits my bill in all sorts of respects. (Oh, and you can't sponsor your own poem because the poetic ego is already bad enough.)

What else? Not more than 17 lines, and preferably fewer. Lines must not be too wide because of format of card. Poem must be able to live with a graphic. Poem must incorporate a little 'lift' of some kind. Poem ideally suits an occasion there aren't cards for. Like coming across a mouse on your stairs at night and it making you aware of a whole world of existence that is Other. Or knowing a person who is juggling their life and dropping some of the balls. Or getting tense about things. Or being on a VERY wet holiday. Or feeling thoughtful about happiness and indoor plants. You get the general idea . . .

Oh and you would need to send me a copy of the poem. But please, first, buy some of this lot. Can't make more unless I can sell 'em. Remember I am folding these babies by hand, and placing each in its nice clear acetate sleeve with gold sticker. That little glass of red wine in the picture below is a warning sign.

The STORY competition is in its final stages too. And some of the new three-reviewer reviews are finally on the website. More will follow later today, God willing. Now gotta get Sphinx 11 finished before I go nuts. Then another mailshot frenzy will follow.


Mailshot in progress
Mailshot in progress


Note small glass of red wine (not blood, honest).


Batter my heart, three-personed reviewer
No Panic Here... HERE!


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Friday, 18 June 2021

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