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List of lists

There are lists, and lists of lists, and files with lists in them. My desk is a mess. I hate the desk being a mess. It directly represents the inside of my brain.


Messy desk
Messy desk

It's like when you go shopping and find the previous shopper's list inside your shopping trolley. I'm always tempted to use theirs. It might lead to a whole other way of life. Custard creams. Branston . . .

You see? I've been distracted already.

Today's List

  • Finish Chapter 4 (four pages to go)
  • Pack up RP Conversation to take to printer tomorrow
  • Do registrations for  RP, R V-W and Chap 4.
  • Look at JS poems
  • Send pamphlets for Callum Macdonald Award entry and write rationale (aargh)
  • Suggest images to Gill for JS
  • Write to TP re poems and make sense
  • Send at least 2 poems to PS somehow god knows how
  • Write to this week's submissions, card to remind them about reading window, can't read anything till July
  • Sphinx tweaks
  • Update sales list
  • Flyer for RP
  • Write JL and revise own book poems
  • Make pastry
  • Go shopping
  • Phone mum
  • Do ironing
  • Hoover
  • Breathe
Chapter 4


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Friday, 25 June 2021

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