No doubt about it, this blog has received a resounding 'not noticed you exist' reaction.

I have mixed feelings about these things. I was at an SQA event today in my other existence (Scottish Qualifications Authority). I teach what the Scotttish nation calls 'core skill communication' (among other things) and recently the documents that define what has to be taught under this remarkable nomenclature were revised. Except they didn't use the word 'revised'. Instead, the trendy term is 'refreshed' (I know: painful).

Hm. Thing is, in the attempt for educators to be modern, one of the writing genres that increasingly gets a reference is 'blogs'. As though they are some kind of respectable modern way for the young to communicate. Only I am 55 and actually I don't know any young bloggers, and if I did, I probably wouldn't be able to comprehend the version of English they communicate in, if it's anything like the Bebo messages exchanged by the young people I teach. (Yes, I am on Bebo too, but don't hold it against me).

This whole internet business, this whole blogging business -- I think it might be just another way of clothing the sort of human communication that has always manifested itself here and there. Having said which, it is hard to imagine why somebody writes something like this without a specific reader in mind. Where ARE YOU specific reader?