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How not to do it...

The prose publication I seem to have been writing for the last six months (well I have, never mind seems) is finally done. How (Not) to Get Your Poetry Published.

Now I've just got to hope some people will find it useful and enjoyable. There are two sample chapters free in the shop but naturally the best bit is in the chapters you have to pay for.

The people who really need to read it, however, may not. Two submissions received this week were from poets who cannot have looked at the submissions guidelines on this site, and probably not on anybody's site. Sigh. I'll send them a flyer. It is such a shame when well-meaning writers mangle their own chances.

The STORY competition for 2009 is also ready to go. This year's flyers are a nice shade of mauve. Somehow this has been happening in the middle of a new central heating system being installed. I hope to goodness none of the dust has got into the How Not Tos. It wouldn't impress, would it? But today my toes are toasty.


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Friday, 17 September 2021

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