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Eleanor Livingstone

Somehow, I seem to have missed flagging the fact that Eleanor recently won the Second Light Poetry competition. Yeay!! (http://www.secondlightlive.co.uk/news.shtml#Comp). Please cut and paste that link - Wordpress won't let me add it as live link, because I should have put it in back at the start...


Eleanor reads her Christmas Tree Poem
Eleanor reads her Christmas Tree Poem

She has a Poetry PF page as well www.poetrypf.co.uk/eleanorlivingstonepage.html) and from there you can see a link to a youtube video of her reading 'In the Morthouse' outside the Byre at night in St Andrews.

Her HappenStance pamphlet in which that Morthouse poem appeared is out of print, but she is in print in a recent Sampler publication, which is a very nice size and shape to post to your friends. She is one of that special breed of people who spend most of their time supporting, publicising or facilitating other poets. But meanwhile she quietly works away producing some cool, crisp poems herself. In the Sampler I specially like the love poem 'July Evening' which gives me a little shiver of pleasure whenever I read it...

There are four Samplers now: Andy Philip, Eleanor Livingstone, Gill McEvoy (all HappenStance pamphlet poets hitherto out of print) and Martin Parker.

Martin is the exception, since I haven't published him before, so his pamphlet will come later. He is the only light verse poet too: his Sampler is light as a feather. Pure joy. The trouble with it is that I keep giving them away because I want everyone I like to have a copy. But there are a few left. Great Christmas gift.... even for people who don't like poetry. Oh, if I can find the right photo, you'll see me reading from Martin (his Eeyore poem) at same recent event where Eleanor was snapped.

Thanks to David Andrew who diligently took photos and thus appears in none of them...


Eeyore at Christmas
Eeyore at Christmas


Made it
December marches on


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Tuesday, 22 June 2021

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