The launch of four pamphlets and the seasonal merriment last Saturday went beautifully. There was a really lovely atmosphere, especially with Edinburgh bathed in frosty chill outside. The Mai Thai restaurant did us proud - -and I think it was the most packed launch we have ever had. All four poets did masterful readings, and there were poet pop-ups in between.

It was fun and it was varied and it was a great audience. Now I am so tired....

But on Monday it was the launch of Hamish Whyte's new Shoestring book. Oh bugger, the name of this very nice volume temporarily escapes me, but I will come back and edit it in later. He read from it beautifully.

This time the launch was in the Writer's Museum in Edinburgh. I confess this is my first visit to that august venue, and the Museum wasn't even open. It's at the top of the Mound. As you come out you see the Christmas lights in the trees, and down on Princes Street, the Christmas carousels and the ferris wheel. After the launch, Eleanor Livingstone and I walked with John Lucas (Shoestring Publisher) through the Christmas market and over towards Charlotte Square.... It was very cold and glittery and, in retrospect, slightly magical.