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Dark Wood goes out

This week lots of Jeremy Page chapbooks went in the post to those and such as those -- a flurry of orders through the Zen shop.


In and Out of the Dark Wood
Jeremy Page's pamphlet

At the same time, David Ford's Punch went off to Dolphin Press and so did Ruth Pitter's Selected. I've been busy with all the associated bits and pieces: flyers for all, updating the 'in print' list, doing the poet bios for the website, printing flyers, attacking the sticky willie in the garden . . .   Oh no, the last of these wasn't exactly at the same time.It's just the fact that the sticky willie gets everywhere.

So far (apart from Ruth Pitter who, though with us on paper, is absent in body) it has been a very male year. Four guys. I'm now working with two women: Gina Wilson and Gill Andrews. Very very different from each other. Also very different from anything else I've published.

I'm not sure these can be ready for the HappenStance Birthday Party on June 12th (in the Scottish Poetry Library at 3.00 ish), but we'll see. I hope their authors will be there and reading a poem or two, as will lots of other HappenStance authors and subscribers. My mother and sister are coming from Sussex. There will be a cake made by my daughter. There will be music (son-in-law). Do put the date in your diary. It's an open event but let me know if you'd like to come (nell@happenstancepress.com) because the library is not gigantic and the cake might not be big enough.

It was suddenly Summer here in Scotland yesterday. The old lady in the queue in the post office in front of me had to sit down. People were flapping leaflets in front of their faces to keep cool. Matt got the fan down from the spare bedroom and sat in front of it. Some of the new bedding plants went limp and keeled over. The tiny crab apple 'tree' (really a sprig) that I got for a fiver from Aldi burst into blossom.

This morning I woke to the sound of heavy rain. Back to normal.

PS Here's an interesting review of Robin Vaughan-Williams' The Manager by Ben Wilkinson

Savouring Salt
What makes a good poetry pamphlet publisher?


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Wednesday, 20 October 2021

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