I'm midway through the maniacal Chapter 3 post-out, picked it up from the printer yesterday. The number of subscribers creeps up all the time, even with one or two dropping out. Last night, I had just started doing the labels for the envelopes when the computer stopped talking to the printer. This happens from time to time. However, usually I can sort it out quickly.

Not so last night. At one point I even phoned the help people, but they went home before they answered. In the end I unplugged all the connections for a few minutes and reconnected the printer cable to a different port. Now it works again. It took about an hour and a half and that meant dinner was at half past nine AGAIN.

Off to put more of them in envelopes now. The various reminder slips and little notes are on beautifully coloured paper because Liz and Robert (www.dophinpress.co.uk) gave me a box of goodies. I love paper.

I can never quite believe how long this takes... Of one thing I am fairly certain: my Christmas card will be the first that most people get. They have to go into this mailshot because otherwise it would be another forty quid's worth of stamps, and this post-out, at £100.00 is more than enough. The post office makes SO MUCH money out of me...

This year's chapter is themed: Through the Looking Glass and What You Find There. Back to the envelopes now.