So we have two new pamphlets at last!

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Photograph of packet of Allison's Very Strong White Bread Flour. The packet is green,with the text detail in large white circle in the middle. There is a graphic of an old windmill and Allinson is in large red cursive letters.When baking poems, you should use strong flour, which is made from hard words. This produces the right kind of dough for lyric work produced at high temperatures, because it has a high fluten and bard core content.

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Guest — Clare Best
I love this! Hooray. Recipes to follow?! X
Sunday, 19 March 2017 08:36
Guest — Rosie Miles
This is completely fabulous. Like some of the best poems, I don't understand every word (not being a strong flour baker), but not ... Read More
Sunday, 19 March 2017 08:47
Guest — Annie Fisher
This is great! Any suggestions for poets with syllabic disease who might be allergic to fluten?
Sunday, 19 March 2017 09:18
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The Rhyme Ambush

You find yourself thinking in such predictable ways—predictable even to yourself.

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Marcia Menter
...which leads me to codswallop, which wallops without alluding to walloping or cods. Thence back to rollmops, and it's too early ... Read More
Sunday, 12 March 2017 13:54
Bob Horne
Where I'm from a collop was a disc of battered potato (and a real treat). But then, we couldn't afford meat. Or shoes. Just books.... Read More
Monday, 13 March 2017 11:43
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Reading A Poem Can Be Like Opening a Re-Sealable Packet of Cheese

Tear here, it says. Just in the corner where two thin clear sheets almost, but not quite, seal together.

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Guest — Roderick Manson
Only one way to read a poem, Nell - out loud. Poems are like music, written to be heard, even if it's only reading to yourself. ... Read More
Tuesday, 21 February 2017 10:12
Guest — Nell Nelson
Unless you are deaf, in which case you think about these things a little differently... There is a concept: 'the listening eye'. B... Read More
Tuesday, 21 February 2017 20:17
Guest — Roderick Manson
I think I may have written a few impenetrable poems myself - it's an occupational hazard, I suspect. Mind you, just because I do... Read More
Thursday, 23 February 2017 16:07
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I don’t mean in love, or in life. I’m talking poems here.

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Marcia Menter
It's the form-letter rejections that get me. You mean they didn't think enough of my work to plug in a short personalized phrase? ... Read More
Sunday, 05 February 2017 14:31
Guest — Frances Corkey Thompson
Brilliant, as ever, Nell. However. It's not just Aunt Emily waiting for her coffee when that thick envelope thumps on to the mat (... Read More
Sunday, 05 February 2017 23:12
Guest — Nell Nelson
Frances, YeSSSSSSSSSSsssss!
Sunday, 05 February 2017 23:15
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What makes a successful poet?

Or should I put it another way: what makes a poet successful?

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Guest — Maggie Sawkins
When I won the Ted Hughes Award for New Work in Poetry in 2014 there was a little glow in my heart for about a year. That's faded ... Read More
Sunday, 22 January 2017 12:50
Guest — Lizzie
Thank you so much for this reminder that there are more than one ways to skin a poem and be a poet.
Sunday, 22 January 2017 14:13
Guest — Nell Nelson
Lizzie, I read this as more than one way to skin a poet -- which also true. Though no skinning today, thank goodness...
Sunday, 22 January 2017 16:13
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