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Po-rating pilot

There are times when you wonder about your own sanity in starting something that is really hard.

The Po-Rating Pilot (currently underway) is a bit like that.

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How not to do it...

The prose publication I seem to have been writing for the last six months (well I have, never mind seems) is finally done. How (Not) to Get Your Poetry Published.

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Poetry Nottingham rules OK

Po Nott Rules.


Poetry Nottingham 62/3
Poetry Nottingham 62/3
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Sphinx Po-rating

It seemed like a good idea at the time. In fact, I've been nurturing it for ages, working on the rating sheet and thinking it through.

Now, as usual, I'm beginning to wonder.

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How not to...

Someone else is stealing my thunder.

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Nearly the Nearly (free!)

Colin Begg's account of the production of D A Prince's Nearly the Happy Hour (the first HappenStance book-length collection) is available for free download from the HappenStance shop.

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