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Oh to be in Scotland, now that April...

Sphinx is finally committed to print. Two proof copies this time, because I can never finalise anything properly. It will have its chickens in yellow this time round - splashing out - and a daffodil yellow cover. Tying up the last po-ratings today and double-checking my arithmetic.

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Still more out of that body

Gotta read Gill McEvoy on Paula Jennings.

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New Sphinx review procedures

Those of you who've read Sphinx 10 will know all about the pilot po-rating system which now manifests itself at the end of some of the pamphlet reviews in the archive in the shape of a little Sphinx with a certain number of stripes. Ten stripes is super-great and if anybody ever gets that kind of rating from three reviewers I would want to read that publication. I would probably want to read a nine too. Seven is pretty damn good. Five is not half bad. One stripe is oh dear oh dear oh dear.

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Sphinx 10

The pdf files have gone to the printers! It will be late but this magazine WILL appear.

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Out of the body

Sarah Hymas posted a lovely response to Paula Jennings' pamphlet Out of the Body of the Green Girl on Tuesday 17th, February - for some reason I'm not able to insert a hyperlink into this message today, but the link to her blog is on the blogroll list to the right of this post. Nice blog too. She describes herself as 'poet, editor and anti-hoovering campaigner'...

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The secrets of the Sphinx

Still plugging away at getting issue 10 of Sphinx together. The po-rating is SO complicated.

Bluechrome interview tied up though - really interesting. And I've been interviewing George Simmers in heroic couplets. Could that be a first? Oh probably not. Could be the best though.

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