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More upcoming words

After my diatribe on upcoming publications, another flyer arrives.

This time it's up-and-coming poets.

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The agony and the Technology

You always know it's going to happen again sooner or later. I suppose for me it was later, since this hasn't happened for years. But I knew it would recur. I knew.

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Upcoming (?) reviews

Ok, first gripe is this. I loathe the word upcoming. Upcoming is coming up all over the place, but especially in news emails about new poetry releases. It's a clumsy, awkward word with a horrible rhythm, and somehow it conveys a kind of coded message that something (or or more likely someone) 'upcoming' is meant to excite you in some way. Upcoming conveys not just 'about to arrive' but also 'about to arrive and be devastating'.

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I'm feeling bad today.
I'm going to STAMP and shout
Because you see it's raining hard
So that I can't go out.
Oh I'm a naughty little Noddy
And I don't love anybody.

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Sphinx 10 is here!

Picked the magazine up from the printer today. It is bright yellow this time around, with a black flyleaf. Very waspy! And inside, for the first time, the wonderful Savage Chickens are in yellow. This is because now I know I can't afford to keep producing the magazine beyond issue 12, I think I may as well be hung for a sheep as well as a lamb. Or an organic turkey as well as a free-range chicken.

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Age and Yew

A week beside the Falls of Dochart has taken years off me. I'm only 46 this week. Last week I was 55. Of course it won't last long, though you never quite know.

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