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List of lists

There are lists, and lists of lists, and files with lists in them. My desk is a mess. I hate the desk being a mess. It directly represents the inside of my brain.

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Chapter 4

Orders and envelopes pour through the door.
I ought to be finishing Chapter Four.

Stuck on Sphinx 12. And pamphlets. What's more
Still haven't polished off Chapter Four.

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Raining poems

They are arriving from all quarters, by mail, by email, by Facebook, by hand, in my sleep and waking. Can't keep up. Ever felt like that? Yep. I thought so.

Then you calm down a bit and one little line or so gets through with its calm, quiet voice and things are all right again.

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2010 gets going

The December/January submissions have been coming in. One interesting poem included the word twitten, which led me to look it up and find it was one of those lovely words for alleyway - like vennel in Scotland and -- amazingly -- snickelway in Yorkshire. So I started another Wordnik list, after finding other dialect words in Wikipedia, and adding vennel to the Wikipedia page because it wasn't there. All these things are how I mean to, but don't, get started in the morning.

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Blog O in 2010

Welcome to 01.01.2010—but this, though written this morning, has only just been netted. My attempt to write the blog this morning was foiled by, yet again, a non-responding server. This happened exactly two weeks ago. On that occasion, I spent an hour testing everything in existence, running up and downstairs, checking the phones, the wires, the netgear . . . This time I know what the problem is. It is HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM ORANGE. I suppose I should change my ISP because this is fearfully irritating and twice in two weeks does seem to indicate there is a bit of a Problem.

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Delve Tways

The Delve Tways of Crassless

sorry cakeless

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